Season III Episode 15 – Meet Kimberly, Certified Financial Educator on a mission to help black women create and build wealth

Hanging out on the Dream ChaseHer Podcast today is Kimberly Robertson, CEO of Her Money Journey. A financial blog dedicated to helping black women create and build wealth.

Kimberly’s journey began at her mother’s kitchen table where she was taught how to balance a checkbook and make bank deposits. Kimberly always dreamed of being a business owner, but became a single mom and had to make smart money decisions to make that dream a reality.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and her passion to help her fellow black sisters inspired her to heavily invest in her own financial literacy, then became a Certified Financial Educator.

In this episode Kimberly talks about:

  • Her 5 Money rules that every woman should create
  • How to break a scarcity mentality and make a mental money shift
  • How women should handle money in marriage and relationships
  • How money helps you fulfill your dreams

Season III Episode 17 – How this mompreneneur turned her passion for holistic living into a family candle company

On today’s episode we have Onyx Ammons, Founder of Karter L’ Rose Candle Company, a venture she began as a way to fulfill her personal desires because being a busy wife and mom of three is not an easy feat.

As a health enthusiast Onyx became extremely passionate about creating clean and natural alternatives to the household items that are regularly used.

After careful research she found that her favorite candle brands that made her home so cozy contained tons of chemicals and unnecessary additives. It then became her dream to launch a soy based candle company that was free from all dyes and harsh chemicals.  She wanted to start a company that was true to her holistic living and a venture the entire family could contribute towards.

Onyx’s dream was finally birthed just a few months ago and now she operates this bustling business from her home. Dream ChaseHers, I know today’s podcast is going to inspire you and encourage you to:

make the necessary pivots in life that lead towards purpose
listen to your internal cues
push past your fears to fulfill your destiny
And not be afraid to start again!

Season III Episode 9 – Girl chat with the purpose pusher lady v

Every now and again you need one of those good ole girl chats that puts things in perspective and reminds you that you’re not as crazy as you thought you were! Tune in as I chat with my girl Lady V. We hit just about everything in this episode:

Trusting God Rotating the multiple hats we wear Business Parenting And much more!

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