Fierce Confidence

Ready to Break Free From Fear So You Can Become a Confident and Successful Entrepreneur?

If you’re like most nervous dreamers, this will probably sound familiar…

You may or may not feel like insecurities have been controlling your life, and fear has been keeping you bound to living a life well beneath your potential.

Up until this point, fear has likely convinced you that:

  • You aren’t good enough to be a business owner
  • Right now isn’t the right time to be a business owner or to launch
  • No one will want to buy or support your services/products
  • “Failing” in business would mean you are a failure in life
  • There is no way for you to manage the workload of being a full-time employee and run a business on the side

These are the lies that the devil is feeding you that are ruining your life and causing you to play small and live well below God’s vision for you.

Just imagine how your life would be different if you could end the cycle of:

  • Not feeling “good enough”
  • Letting fear keep you in comfort zones that are too small for your purpose
  • Losing out on opportunities because of procrastination
  • Thinking everything has to be perfect before you get started

When you believe in yourself and your God given purpose. Imagine how, after you start to have faith in yourself, everything will shift.

And not only is living from confidence and expecting good things possible, but I created a program to help you learn how to be the confident entrepreneur you’ve been called to become.


Fierce Confidence

When you work from fierce, unshakeable confidence, you can achieve with ease because you’re comfortable doing the work and taking the opportunities that lead to success.

You may or may not already realize that Fierce Confidence is more than just a course you take; it’s a way of life.

During this 6-week life changing program, you will discover how to get free from fear, develop a confident mindset, discover your uniqueness (purpose), and create success building habits (routines) so you can boss up to pursue what you truly want in life.

Fierce Confidence is different than other programs you might have tried. Here’s how:

  • You get my personal approach to identifying the fears and insecurities have been holding you back and eating away at your confidence of you can overcome them
  • You’ll gain clarity about the bigger plan that God has for your life
  • You will end destructive habits such as procrastination and eliminate imposter syndrome so you can go after your dreams and play big
  • You’ll discover how to pray and manifest your dreams
  • You’ll start to act based on biblical principles that strengthen your faith and confidence

Fierce Confidence is Designed to Revive Your Inner Drive

As children, we aren’t afraid to dream big and pursue what we wanted. But, if you’re like most nervous dreamers, you’ve lost that childlike faith; fear has been binding you, and you’ve forgotten the confidence that God bestowed you with.

After going through the Fierce Confidence program, you’ll


  • Level up your faith so you can pursue the dreams that seem beyond you when you’re working from fear
  • Transform your mindset so you accept the blessings and open doors that God will create for you with gratitude
  • Discover a new level of clarity surrounding your purpose, so you won’t care what other people think when it’s go time
  • Create a new success routine that maintains an optimal level of energy, focus, and positive expectations
  • Break free from the cycle of fear, procrastination, and perfectionism that kept you stagnant
  • Enjoy a brand new outlook on life and what is truly possible when you walk with a stronger level of confidence

When You Enroll In Fierce Confidence You Get More Than Just a Course…

The goal of this program is to help you move from a fearful, nervous dreamer to Fierce Confidence and unshakable faith in yourself and God’s plan for you.

When the foundation of your life and business is built upon rock solid purpose and success routines then unshakable, fierce confidence will be natural for you.

Along with the trainings, you’ll receive access to a community of like-minded women and receive group coaching to help immerse you in the content and mindset shifts.

Part I:
The Program

The training portion of the program is broken into 5 core training modules.

All the course materials, including worksheets, training videos, and audio “pep talks,” and more, are within your online student portal.

Module 1: Clarity is Key

Module 2: Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Module 3: Discover Your Purpose

Module 4: Finding Your Confidence Rhythm

Module 5: Faith Boosters

Module 6: Complete Guide to Confident Living

part 2 the communityPart II:
The Community

A private Facebook group of driven women from around the world who are serious about their purpose and growing a lifestyle of freedom.


Part III:
The Coaching

We meet weekly for live group coaching calls.
You will receive personal guidance from me.


Fear and Insecurity or Fierce Confidence?
The Choice Is Yours…

Right now, you have a choice to make.

You could continue to self- sabotage, listen to that devilish voice telling you that you are not good enough, not ready or that you should wait. And you’ll continue to repeat the same cycle of fear and insecurity.

And if that’s your choice, that’s fine as long as you fully recognize and own the fact that you are choosing to live a life that is well below the potential that God has gifted you with.

Or you can choose to stop playing small…

Because sooner or later, you’ll realize that you want more out of life and believe that it’s possible for you.

You can choose to step out of the shadows and walk like you belong here, with Fierce Confidence, and leave your old fears, insecurities, and self-sabotaging habits behind you like a coat that you’ve outgrown. And after you decide that Fierce Confidence is for your life will never be the same. You can’t unknow how to play a bigger game.

Will you sign up for Fierce Confidence now, or will you think about it some more before you decide that signing up is the right thing for you?

Success Stories

Fierce Confidence is a 5 star program that has truly helped me transform my mindset. The live coaching calls with Jennifer are helpful in keeping me accountable so I am continually progressing towards my goals. The program wasn’t too overwhelming and perfectly structured to accommodate my busy life. Fierce Confidence has helped me to make moves!

Tonika Benson

Coach Jen is true gift. The level of enthusiasm and confidence she exudes is to die for. I am grateful for her and feel covered under her guidance. Jennifer is the coach I have definitely been praying for to help me navigate this season of my life. Fierce Confidence is a top-notch program and is worth every cent and time spent!

Samantha Akwei

Fierce Confidence program has completely changed the way I think and view what is possible for my life. I used to think things couldn’t happen for me, but through Jennifer’s coaching I’ve undergone a complete mindset shift. What I also value is the community of women in the program that are equally committed to changing their life for the better. With Jennifer’s help I feel more confident and now have new tools and strategies for my continued development.

Derricka Fluker

Meet Jennifer
your new Confidence Coach!

I personally cannot wait to lead you over these next 6 weeks…

I love watching entrepreneurs launch their businesses, but I was sick of watching so many of them struggle with fears and imposter syndrome so I created the Fierce Confidence program to help them get unstuck fast and make the kind of changes in their lives that will have ripple effects for generations to come.

Growing in confidence, letting go of fear, dismissing what other people think, growing stronger with God, and ending procrastination has changed my life!

When you implement these changes, it will change your life as well.

Prior to making these changes, I had experienced first hand what it feels like to be unsure of yourself and question if you have what it takes to accomplish the big dreams that God puts on your heart. You can relate, can you not?

More than anything else, I want to see your life changed for the better, too!

If you are a woman with big dreams and aspirations and you want to achieve more, then you owe it to yourself to make a declaration that you will no longer play it small and begin to invest in getting the help to experience massive change inwardly, so it manifests outwardly.

Should you choose to accept my personal invitation and do the work, I personally guarantee that these next 6 weeks will completely and utterly change not only your life but your family’s life also.

I look forward to meeting you, personally, inside Fierce Confidence.

Confidently Yours,


Jennifer Hammock

5 Ways to Know if Fierce Confidence is Perfect For You…

  1. Fear prevents you from trying new things and keeps you playing small and living in your comfort zone.
  2. You are sitting on your gifts, ideas, and business opportunities even though they have the potential to truly unlock your purpose and create financial freedom for you and your family.
  3. You want to break the vicious cycle of continually questioning your abilities, brilliance, and capabilities, which causes you to procrastinate and do NOTHING!
  4. Months and years have gone by without you taking action while your list of unfulfilled dreams gets longer and longer.
  5. You know you were made for more and just want to begin to live free from what people think of you and free from the fear of failure – the very fear that is making you feel like a failure for not going after your dreams, leaving you feeling trapped.

The fact that you’re still reading this tells me that some part of you wants to change and is ready to change now.

You Owe It To Yourself
To Honestly Answer These Questions…

What if just one principle in Fierce Confidence…

Helps you change your mindset and unlocks the chains of fear to release your purpose?

What if just one technique in Fierce Confidence…

Helps you to reclaim your time, energy, and focus so you can finally live a life of freedom?

What if just one idea in Fierce Confidence…

Helps you fully tap into your potential and manifest the life-changing ideas in your heart?

What if just one straightforward message in Fierce Confidence…

Helps you to stop sabotaging your future and gives you the tools to stop making excuses and pursue your dreams?

Wouldn’t that be worth the investment you’re making in yourself and more?

Top FAQs

How much time per week is required for this program?
I recommend setting aside 3-4 hours a week. This includes the hour allotted for our live weekly coaching call.
Are there any live coaching components to Fierce Confidence?
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How long will I have access to the Fierce Confidence training materials?
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