Strategy Session

Do you need a fresh pair of eyes reviewing your business?

Could you benefit from the advisement of an entrepreneur with over 10 years experience?

Is something wrong in your business?

Do you want to see an increase of sales, engagement, and productivity?

The answer to your issues can be as simple as a 90-minute strategy session with The Dream Coach!

Once you book your strategy session you will receive a brand questionnaire which will help Jennifer better understand your goals, challenges, and framework of your business. During the strategy session you and Jennifer will spend 60 minutes crafting a 3-6 month strategy to grow your idea or brand. During this time you pick Jennifer’s brain and ask for feedback on any aspect of your business.

You will walk away with suggested tools to use in your business along with new marketing strategies to implement and more clarity around your business so you stop being frustrated and discover better ways to reach your goals.


"I'm more confident than I've ever been! After working with Jennifer she was able to see the areas that were preventing me from exceling. Her knowledge and ability to apply the right amount of pressure and inspiration is exactly what helped me to manifest the job I had been wanting for months! Working with Jennifer has changed my life for the better. My mindset has been elevated THANK YOU!!"

M. Beford

"It's funny because I always believed I had most of my stuff together and could reach my goals on my own. Working with Jenn has undoubtedly fast-forward my goal attaining rate. After months of draggin my feet I was finally able to launch my blog which was one of my 2018 goals. I am down 10 pounds, got a new job that pays more than my last one, and followed Jennifer's push to identify a second stream of income. Jennifer's coaching helped me become more disciplined, positive, and has allowed me to anticipate more out of life. Jenn, what would I do without you!"

C. Taylor

I have successfully applied Jenn's quarterly goal setting system to confidentially and systematically attack my personal, financial, and professional goals this year. Her brilliance has helped me reach my goals more quickly. Big Thanks!

J. Roberson
Dream Chaser