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It’s time to contact me if you are ready to:

✓ See Your Dreams Realized
✓ Get Results
✓ Get A Game Plan
✓ Grow Your Client Base
✓ Find Your Voice
✓ Reach Your Destiny

Jennifer is a multiplier, helping dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs and authors do exactly what she has done over the years. That is taking promising ideas and transforming them into profitable and impactful business. Jennifer has keen insight to pinpoint the blind spots in your business, provide the dynamic duo of accountability and inspiration along with proven strategies that equate to larger audiences, larger income, and larger impact. What takes the average person six months to execute, under Jennifer’s coaching you can accomplish it in six weeks!

Here are 3 ways to work with me!


Strategy Call

After completing my brand questionnaire we will spend 90 minutes crafting a 6-month strategy to grow your idea or brand. During this time you can ask me any questions that you may have. I will suggest certain tools to use, marketing strategy to implement and give you my professional advice on your next steps.



It’s just you + me + your brand= SUCCESS for 6 weeks straight. If you need more accountability and in-depth consulting this service is for you. What would take the average person 6 months to accomplish on their own, together we can get it done in 6 weeks!

This service includes:
※ 90-minute strategy call
※ (4) 1-on-1 brand development/growth sessions
※ Brand development outline
※ Exclusive resource list to help launch ideas
※ Marketing strategy to grow subscribers, customers, and clients
※ Recommendation of resources for optimum growth
※ Complimentary access to Dream Chaser Academy during 6 weeks

Dream Chaser


Dream Chaser Academy (DCA) is the ultimate personal development course created with the modern woman in mind. She’s talented, but common roadblocks slow her growth. Finding balance and fulfillment in life is a desire, but not at the cost of her passions. Think of DCA as a hub for like-minded go-getters ready to learn, grow, be accountable and stretched! Embark on a transforming coaching experience that will challenge you and provide the accountability you need to grow.

Session #1 Mind & Mouth
Did you know the genesis of living out your purpose is having the right mindset? When you think better, you speak better, in turn, you live better. In this session, students will learn the secrets to win by having an uncommon mindset. A unique challenge will be given to all participants which will provide accountability and change the course of your year. (A brief required reading will further your development in this area.)

Session #2 Disciplined For Destiny
Are you a procrastinator? Does it always seem like the hours of the day or opportunities slip through your hands? In this session, you will learn how to order your day, become more disciplined, and learn management skills to have a more balanced life. Every area of your life will benefit from you being more disciplined. (Accountability challenge included in this session.)

Session #3 Find Your Voice, Reach Your Destiny
When you find your voice you can answer yours why. Too often women minimize their unique experiences, which makes them different and qualified to make a difference in the world. This session is all about leveling up your self-confidence, owning your scars, and experiencing a light bulb moments that help you understand your purpose. (A special journaling challenge is including in this session.)

Session # 4 Money Moves
Inspired by one of the coldest women in the Bible, the Proverbs 31 woman. Her resume was extensive as a real estate investor, philanthropist, fashion designer, and more. In this session, you will learn how to profit from your passions, create a sizable side income and grow your current business by working smarter not harder. By leveraging a few free resources and proven marketing strategies you’ll be making money moves in no time. (An unique financial challenge will be included in this session.)

※ Bonus session #1 with the “Debt Slaya” Naseema McElRoy
※ Bonus session #2 with Social Media expert Chantea Mcintyre
※ Lifetime access to session recordings
※ A copy of my newest book, Dream Chaser
※ Access to an exclusive online accountability community where you can share your wins, goals, and get feedback on ideas
※ Weekly challenges

Course Details
*All sessions are hosted via web conferencing and are recorded
*Dates of course: Sundays at 6pm PST beginning Sunday April 29-June 3


"I'm more confident than I've ever been! After working with Jennifer she was able to see the areas that were preventing me from exceling. Her knowledge and ability to apply the right amount of pressure and inspiration is exactly what helped me to manifest the job I had been wanting for months! Working with Jennifer has changed my life for the better. My mindset has been elevated THANK YOU!!"

M. Beford

"It's funny because I always believed I had most of my stuff together and could reach my goals on my own. Working with Jenn has undoubtedly fast-forward my goal attaining rate. After months of draggin my feet I was finally able to launch my blog which was one of my 2018 goals. I am down 10 pounds, got a new job that pays more than my last one, and followed Jennifer's push to identify a second stream of income. Jennifer's coaching helped me become more disciplined, positive, and has allowed me to anticipate more out of life. Jenn, what would I do without you!"

C. Taylor

I have successfully applied Jenn's quarterly goal setting system to confidentially and systematically attack my personal, financial, and professional goals this year. Her brilliance has helped me reach my goals more quickly. Big Thanks!

J. Roberson

Dream Chaser


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